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Designed for fast and efficient cleaning of large vessels, such as VLCC tankers, with minimum of personnel, it is the most perfected unit available anywhere with a cleaning rate of up to 5,000 square metres per hour using the BRUSH-KART.

This cleaning machine weighs about 130 kgs with a slight positive buoyancy immersed with a suction force to hull of 750 kgs. Travelling at a speed ranging from 0 to 50 metres per minute, the machine cleans a strip of 1.4 metres wide with each pass. The forward motion is accomplished by hydraulic motor driven fron wheels. Three articulated rotation brushes of 0.5 meters diameter each, turning at approximately 1,200 RPM. The BRUSH-KART performs very efficiently on the sharp curvature of the hull of a vessel with a radius as small as 2.5 to 3 metres. Metering value provides adjustable forward speed to the diver operator. An exclusive feature of the BRUSH-KART is the flexible mounted brush holder permitting the BRUSH-KART to work on a sharp radius of any vessel while acting as a shock damper.

Incidentally, if your vessel is passing by or call call at the port of Singapore and should you require further information regarding the above services or any other type of underwater works, please do not hesitate to call us to discuss your requirements.


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